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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Feb 27, 2023

Justin Paul Abraham exhorts the Body of Christ to step into the significant call from the Lord into our authority and into beautiful, intimate union with Him. We are in a season in which God is teaching us how to access realms, see angels, and partner with Him to move beyond time and space.

“So when we see a new revelation of God's heart, it should cause us to bow even lower in worship and to break our alabaster box and to worship at His feet because God is love and He's the God of all comfort.” - Dr. Brian Simmons

With greater awareness, we will step into some of the greatest wonders in history. Turn your attention to the Father today, and allow your conscious awareness to be completely immersed in Him and the full reality of the new creation life we now get to live through Him. This is the great unveiling of Christ.


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