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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Mar 13, 2023

Teacher, speaker, and international bestselling author Stasi Eldredge joins Liz for a beautiful conversation about the captivating, mesmerizing love of Jesus. Discovering the depth of Jesus’ love is one of the most beautiful and important experiences we can have in life. Stasi shares keys from her walk with the Lord of shifting to a deeper place of wholeness and intimacy with Him. This is a holy invitation for everyone: to first know God in the most intimate way, then to experience a revelation of who we really are in Him. Step into the invitation today to come closer and embrace the mystery of loving Him—of endlessly exploring who He is through all eternity.


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To learn more about the ministry of Stasi Eldredge and her husband, John, visit: Stasi’s podcast, Captivated, brings the revelation of the Love of God to so engulf the listener that they become exquisitely captivated by Jesus. Stasi wants to invite listeners to respond to the reality that they are the purpose of His pursuit, the desire of His heart, the intent of the Larger Story and the prize of Heaven. The King is captivated by them.