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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Mar 27, 2023

Tee Jay Henderson shares her incredible testimony of overcoming severe trauma and finding healing and redemption in the arms of Jesus. Through tremendous courage and faith, Tee Jay’s journey to victory is now being used by the Lord to transform hearts and lives. No matter what you’re facing or having been through in your life, He can and will gloriously redeem every ounce of your pain and trauma.

So many people today that experience so much darkness in their head and in their heart, and the enemy has them convinced that it's them. Through every step of healing, He brings you into a place of knowing Him deeper and deeper, ultimately creating an unshakeable foundation of redemption and restoration in your life. 

Here her powerful story in her book, Becoming Untethered

Take your first step today into healing, wholeness, and freedom. Nothing is impossible for Him, and nothing is ever wasted!