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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Jan 30, 2023

Dr. Pete Sulack, one of America’s leading experts on stress and wellness, shares life-transforming keys for building a lifestyle of rest. With a unique understanding of the paradigm of health and wellness, Dr. Pete explains how a body at rest wins every time. When we’re truly at rest, our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, work properly as they were designed, and come into a place of homeostasis. Health is about resilience. When we live a life of hope and gratitude, recognizing that we already live in abundance with God as our source, this is when our lives begin to be transformed from the inside out. This is when we truly become resilient!

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Be Resilient. Learn everything you need to know about getting healthy so that you ditch the chronic life-impacting symptoms and finally do all the things you have been wanting to do. Dr Pete will take you on a 12-week journey to a happy and healthy life.