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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

May 29, 2023

“And then I just heard Holy Spirit say, ‘I choose us, I choose us, I choose us’…and it just broke something in the Spirit.” - Heather Armstrong


In a beautiful, authentic, and deeply vulnerable conversation, Ben and Heather Armstrong share their story of finding redemption in their marriage. Both leaders at Bethel Church in Redding, California, Ben and Heather recount a period of time in their marriage in which they had to learn to choose each other and choose forgiveness and reconciliation in the midst of an incredibly difficult circumstance. And now, 27 years into their marriage, having fully reconciled and received breakthrough in their circumstances, Ben and Heather’s marriage is stronger than ever.


In the midst of one of the most challenging situations and upon finding just how disconnected they were as a couple, Ben and Heather share how they turned to the Holy Spirit and partnered with Him. It wasn’t an easy process; it was a difficult journey of choosing hope, trust, and connection every single day. And in the moments in which it would’ve been easiest to simply give up, they pressed on and pressed in to what the Lord was walking them through. 


Sharing keys for how they navigated this season of their marriage, Ben and Heather explain how they continued to choose connection, even on the most difficult days. They were both willing to do the hard work in order to get internal healing and to pursue each other through reconciliation, all with the Lord leading them through each and every step forward. No matter what your circumstances are or what your relationship status currently is, be encouraged that there is hope available to you today—hope for redemption, peace, and full restoration. 


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