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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

Jan 16, 2023

Alan DiDio, author and founder of Encounter Christ Church, joins Liz to exhort the Body of Christ to stand our ground in this hour and to start living strategically from a place of heavenly breakthrough. Emphasizing the importance of warfare awareness, Alan explains that this will change the way we pray and what we pray for. How do we strategically take what the enemy has stolen from us and use it against him? How do we intentionally live our lives in the reality of God’s victory over the enemy? Be strengthened as Alan equips you with spiritual keys that will transform the way you face the invisible battle against the Church today. Be expectant and get ready to be reinvigorated for the fight as you start living from victory instead of for it.


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God is opening his armory and releasing weapons of warfare that haven't been seen in generations. The enemy is using these perilous end times to cause many believers to become worn out, depressed, and defeated because they are unwittingly using the wrong weapons in battle.

It's time to get equipped with the right weapons.

In Armed for Victory, pastor and author Alan DiDio brings revelation about spiritual warfare tactics that will empower and activate you for victory. Don't live one more day in deception, denial, or defeat. It's time to overcome. You were born to win, and you have access to the intelligence, tools, and strategies that guarantee your victory.