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Live Your Best Life with Liz Wright

May 22, 2023

“Only with Jesus can you find your purpose and destiny, and once a young person locks onto that, God’s got a plan for them, even if they don’t know what it is.” - Rocky Malloy


In a deeply inspirational conversation with Liz, Rocky Malloy shares his incredible testimony of redemption. Rocky, an author, speaker, and activist for education and children’s rights, illustrates through his story the transformational power of God in our lives when He gets ahold of us. From living a life of piracy to now serving 20 million children, parents, and teachers with an educational program across multiple countries, Rocky explains how God can use anyone, even if their life is so far off course that it seems impossible. 


While in prison as a convicted international drug smuggler and conspirator, Rocky heard the audible voice of God, yet it took him a long time before he began to turn his life around. Once he started to figure out how God wanted to use him, he ended up meeting and falling in love with a woman who was fighting for human rights, then together they began to help children who were being trafficked and abused in the worst possible ways. This growing compassion for children led the way for a deep passion for education and for Jesus being taught in schools. Since then, the Lord has been using him powerfully to bring truth, hope, and salvation to the children of the world. 


Let your faith arise while hearing Rocky’s story, and remember that no one is too out of reach for the Lord to use for His glory. There is hope for redemption, no matter how lost you or someone in your life is. Nothing’s impossible for our God of love and what happens in our lives when we are transformed by this love and step into our purpose and calling. 


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